We All Start Somewhere

Blog submitted by Ashlyn Sipe, Summer Intern at BrandBoss Creative

I’ve never written a blog before so I guess I’ll start by introducing myself. My name is Ashlyn Sipe and I am currently an intern at Brandboss Creative, under the leadership of Jordan Lacenski. I am a junior at Greensboro Day School. I recently participated in the first of many college tours. I like to plan ahead and allow myself plenty of time to make decisions especially one as big as this. When thinking about potential majors, I am in search of a field that marries my talents to my personal passions. To name a few, my passions vary from grilled cheese (I would totally major in it if I could) to animals to special needs children….all the way to digital design and marketing. When I was first presented with this opportunity at Brandboss, I didn’t know how I would do. On the outside, I am a quiet and shy- a complete introvert all the way around. However, on the inside, I am creative, humorous and compassionate.  I enjoy collaborating with others who share common interests. It takes me a while to warm up to people, but once I do, you will no longer see the quieter side of me.


I love helping people find their voice, which is one of the things I love most about marketing. Being an introvert myself, I understand how it feels to not be heard and not feel a sense of belonging in a group of people. Therefore, I seek those who may be in a marginalized group, in an attempt to help them find voice and value.  I feel that marketing is a career rooted in assisting companies and individuals find voice and assists them in articulating their unique contributions.


Knowing that you contribute in some way to something bigger than yourself, allows for personal fulfillment and betterment towards the greater good.  I experienced this first hand a little over a month ago. My school organized a service week and I was assigned to the Impact Journey School, which a school for children with special needs. I thought nothing special of it, just that I loved working with children and that it would be nice to get away from school for a couple of days. Little did I know, these children would change my life and leave a lasting impression on me.  It opened my heart. I learned from my time at Impact Journey that I needed to do more. I felt connection. I was a contributor, an advocate, and a sense of cohesive belonging unlike ever before. What fascinated me most was that the children found happiness with everything…literally everything! They wanted to show me all of their projects and what they knew how to do. All they wanted to do was love you. Those children deserve the world and it truly breaks my heart to think of all of the hate and judgment that they have experienced and may experience in their lifetime.  Through the course of one short week, they changed my perspective on life and bred an sense of gratitude in the smallest of things. Working with children may turn out to be where I channel my advocacy and energy, or I may find a way to combine my passion for advocacy with my new found love of the voice that marketing provides. The possibility of this energizes me. I look forward to all that there is to learn at Brandboss.

Jordan Lacenski