Vulnerability Paves the Way for Creative Expression

Written By: Ashlyn Sipe, Summer Intern

Photo by  Samuel Zeller  

Photo by Samuel Zeller 


Since I last wrote, I have observed and learned a lot more not only about marketing, but about myself. This week was about taking chances and stepping outside of my comfort zone. I had to meet new people, sit in on important meetings, become vulnerable and show my creative expression, and problem solve when a printer decided to become difficult while printing a presentation. I was in my first “big meeting” environment where we were meeting with a client over a project for the local community. It was really interesting to listen in on a meeting that was very formal, yet ironically, somewhat laidback due to the employees’ bubbly personalities. I met even more people who welcomed me with open arms and allowed me to sit through countless meetings when they probably weren’t expecting visitors. I thank all the members of Jordan’s team for allowing me to sit in and opening me up to experiences that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

Through a task that Jordan gave to me, the first thing I learned about myself was that I prefer the creative side of marketing rather than the logistics and strategics. My task was to design flyers and Facebook covers for an event being held later in the month, which immediately interested me. Usually, I would jump in and try out all different formats, fonts and styles, but a part of marketing is following your brand and you can’t just do whatever you think looks best or what you are imagining. However, I find that to be one of the most interesting parts about this career. You have to adapt to the customer’s wants and needs, but at the same time, you get to add your own personal touch within those guidelines. Later in the day, I was given the task of creating cards to send to neighboring businesses, which let me express all of my creative ideas with no guidelines (for the most part). The downside of that is that I am very indecisive and I often come up with way too many options because its difficult to ultimately choose one favorite.


Reflecting upon my experience and personal research, I have decided that if I did go on this career path, an advertising major might be more of my style more so than marketing. Although it is really nerve-racking to open up and show your creative mind to others, I enjoy the creative part of marketing, which is why I think an advertising major would benefit me the most. I’ve learned that I am a person who needs space to express themselves and is hesitant to share out of fear of critical feedback or upsetting others. (I know, I’ve really got to get over that!) I’ve learned that everyone has their own version and perception of marketing and that no two people have the same vision for a project. Marketing is all about compromise and working as a team to get the job done and complete the most goals. Also, problem solving is a huge part of it. For example, the printer was working perfectly fine while Jordan was in the room, but as soon as she left for this big meeting, the printer decided to run out of paper and crash. Not wanting to interrupt her, I problem solved and used my friend Google to figure out what the warning light meant and to reload the printer with paper and successfully deliver the documents (and pizza!) to Jordan.


Jordan Lacenski