Why you need to take your current marketing strategy and disrupt the hell out of it.


Take a moment to consider all the ways you are marketed to each day. How many different brands do you see on average? 50? 100? In today’s landscape, brands must be increasingly louder to catch your attention. There are different ways to go about this. You can spend more ad dollars to ensure more people are seeing your ads. You can partner with influencers who your target audience trusts. But the most effective tool for your brand to stand out goes beyond marketing. You need to examine the purpose of your brand and what makes you different. You need to change the way your consumer lives.

What we’re referring to is disruptive marketing. The most successful brands today have challenged the status quo and changed the way we go about our daily lives. You know the names. Think Tesla, Netflix, Airbnb, and who could forget Uber.  Although these brands and other disruptive brands are at the center of the media around successful business today, it isn’t an easy job being a disruptive business. You need to not only have a killer idea, but also the vision, research, planning and strategy to follow up. Not to mention the perseverance. Disrupting an industry is a challenge. But we have a few tips to help you build a disruptive brand.

  1. Experiment often – at the end of the day, you likely won’t disrupt an industry on your first idea or product. The companies we mentioned above are constantly thinking, innovating and disrupting. They are never satisfied and are always open to change.

  2. Find problems in an industry and solve for them – that one annoyance you have every day. How can you fix it? If you are having a reoccurring problem, you are not alone. Do your industry research and come up with a solution.

  3. Change people’s habits – Netfilx changed the way we consume shows and movies. Uber changed the way we get around. What habits or behaviors do you have that can be simplified and streamlined?

  4. Provide a unique way to experience your product or service – the key is making your brand accessible here but also including a fresh, new element. Create an experience that your consumer will want to share.


It is important to remember when you are leading an industry in innovation that your competitors will likely piggyback off your success. The true leaders and disruptors will always be one step ahead. Disrupting is about constantly shaking things up and even challenging the new normal you may have created.

Jordan Lacenski