No Meeting Mondays

no meetings on mondays brandboss

BrandBoss is no longer "doing meetings" on Mondays. Sounds crazy, right? But think about it, we've all been there, scheduling meetings prior to meetings to meet about the meeting, and then scheduling another meeting right after that with no time to recap and soak in what we just accomplished at the previous meeting. Is that even productive?

 We have decided that we will dedicate ONE day a week to bury ourselves in just work, to design, to strategize, to research, and to do what we do best - create. When your email notifies you every 30 seconds and you jump from task to task and reroute your brain to prepare for the next meeting on your schedule for the day, you don't do your best work. We want to do our best work, so we are now kicking off our work weeks well rested over the weekend and ready to hustle. We are dedicating our Mondays to getting. shit. done. 

Here's what we will be doing instead:

  1. Research. There are many things we pride ourselves on when it comes to how we operate our business. One of those things is further education, keeping up with the trends, reading blogs and scanning through notifications of new social media platform features or the best apps to create content people will be drawn to. In order to serve your business, your consumer, and your brand, we have to be a step ahead of the rest. We will start our Monday mornings combing through new updates and latest trends.
  2. ROI. That's the whole point right?! Without the deep dive into analytics, ad results, web traffic, social engagement, and a clear cut measurement of our goals and what it will take to get there - we are just content pushers. We don't want to just fill space. You have enough of that in your face, in your inbox, popping up on the side of your Facebook wall. We want to create content that matters, and then we want to measure how your consumer responds. Strategic planning and road mapping is a huge piece of what we do, but flexibility is key. If we create an ad and the response isn't there - it's time to shift gears. The lovely thing about digital marketing is that the numbers provide clear feedback. Everything works together, from the time to post to the hashtags to use to the links and bounce rates and user experience - all of these puzzle pieces together deliver a successful campaign.
  3. Strategy. How do you brainstorm best? I bet it's not with 1 million other things going on around you, or your to do list for another project running through your head.  We are a creative firm. Ideas are our business, and the best ideas come from inspiration and ideation sessions. (Did I mention internal ideation meetings don't count with this new rule!?) A little bit of coffee and a few creative minds together often produces a much better plan. And hey - this is the fun stuff. This is why we do what we do!
  4. Organization. I once read that if you take 1 hour on a Monday to organize and plan your week, you save at least 5 hours of wasted time trying to get organized later in the week. Mondays are crazy! Am I right? The first thing you do is clean out your inbox - deleting all the items you don't have time for. We live in a world of catch up. And weekends don't mean anything anymore. With the constant availability that everyone has between cell phones, texting, email, and social, there is rarely a disconnect. So we gift you your Monday. Take the day to get yourselves organized too, and you won't have any calls from us adding to your to do list. 
  5. Admin. This goes without saying and is probably the least fun part of our Monday, but a little bit of admin goes a long way, and focusing in on this ensures that our invoices, contracts, and operations are all fine tuned. 

So we invite you take back your Monday! After all we have 32+ other work hours per week to dedicate to meetings on meetings on meetings. 

And with our new scheduling app - you can schedule a meeting with us anytime that works for YOUR schedule, and there's no back and forth! Just visit: to schedule on Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Thursday, or Friday, just not on Monday! 


Jordan Lacenski