Introducing, Facebook Stories

facebook stories feature

That's right, you read that correctly. The same feature that made Snapchat so popular, is not only just available on Instagram but now Facebook is utilizing this addition as well. 

Introducing Facebook stories. 

What is it?

Short answer: It's like snapchat but on facebook. 

Where is it?

The Facebook stories feature located at the top of your mobile newsfeed with two parts: direct and stories. Direct is a new private messaging feature that is linked with stories. Just tap the icon that looks like a plane and you can view any story sent to you as well as any replies to your own story. Stories are at the top of the newsfeed. When you see circles representing stories you and your friends have posted, you can tap the one you want to view. It could include multiple photos or videos And these disappear after 24 hours and you can only view it one time. You can reply to stories with text. This reply will only be seen by the person who sent it.How can I use it? thThe circle next to the Direct "plane" icon is your story. There will be a small + sign next to it. tap that + sign to access your story camera. Swipe right from the newsfeed to add more images or videos. Tap or hold the circle at the bottom to take photos or videos. You can also use a photo from your camera roll with the icon at the bottom right corner while in story mode. The magic wand icon allows you to decorate and filter. If you snap everything you do or eat, you are familiar with this setup. Videos can be as long as 40 seconds. When you're ready to post, select the circle with the arrow. When you post, you can select your mobile timeline or send directly to one of your friends, or to your story.

How can I use it?

You might be saying to yourself, "how in the world can I use Facebook stories for my business?"

Well, that's where the BrandBoss #TuesdayTip comes in. Facebook's algorithm is such that your posts are getting less traction unless you "pay to play" or you have instant engagement in a big way. You can reach new audiences and interact with your customers through video and other features such as stories. How do you track it? Outside of your views and replies, here's an idea: what about a specific promo code that you leak only through your stories, then see how many people utilized that promo code. Stories are only available for your personal profiles right now, so only your friends can see them. Business pages don't have this capability (yet). So as always, we encourage you to share your business content on your personal pages and be sure your personal pages are clean and professional, or appropriate for your business audience as well. This is a great way to get your personal networks involved in what you're doing for your business!

Cheers + Happy Tip Tuesday! 

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Facebook Stories offer many more effects, filters, extras for your images and videos including full-screen artistic filters everyone's favorite selfie filters. You can doodle, paint, write.

You can save these to your camera roll or delete after posted. 

You can see who's checking out your story. (the eye icon in the bottom left shows you how many views)



source: Social Media Examiner