Set Your Eyes On AWMF's New Site

We have created a new, clean look for the Andrew Weathers Memorial Foundation. We started with an updated logo and implemented their new, cleaner, brighter branding on t-shirts, email marketing, and finally their new website. Here you can learn all about their mission, you can meet Andy. You may have not had the pleasure to meet Andrew T. Weathers, but we hope to help you feel like family anyway. You see, this client is especially close to our hearts. Andrew was an 18 Delta on Army Special Forces ODA 7221. Evan Lacenski was the team Captain (Evan is also my husband if you didn't catch that). If you don't know much about ODA's, this tight-knit group of 12 guys quickly become brothers. 

Andrew was killed in action on September 30, 2014 in the Kajaki Province of Afghanistan. On October 17, 2014 his family buried him in Arlington National Cemetery. They realized then the Army had nothing in place to bring them back to visit, to sit with him in that sacred place.. That day laid the groundwork for the Andrew Weathers Memorial Foundation. Their mission is to honor families of fallen soldiers by providing trips to Arlington National Cemetery and their purpose is to raise awareness and meet the needs of Special Forces Soldiers and their families.

We are proud to assist and support in any way we can. If you want to help support this mission too - visit their new, fresh website and visit their shop, inquire about sponsorships, and stay tuned for their annual fundraiser, the #NeverForget Run in September. 


Jordan Lacenski