SEO is the Word Of Mouth of the Internet

What is SEO? 

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization my friends, and whether you have a brick and mortar or not... it's crucial to your customer in terms of being able to find you. Raise your hand if you go to the second or third page of your google search when you are trying to find the nearest carwash or coffee shop?

We lead busy lives, and most of us google things like "best marketing firm in Bozeman" in hopes to find our dream company (cough cough.. BrandBoss)  on the very first page. In our case, we just applied for a NEW office space Downtown, and we are pretty pumped about it. We are awaiting our google business postcard to verify our address and our listing as we write this. #StayTuned

So how do you speak Google's language? Here are 5 quick tips. You'll have to call us for the rest! 

1. Create a google business page (and fill it out completely)

2. Utilize visuals to draw in your audience and showcase your work

3. Use the Google Search Console to dig a little deeper and figure out if you're using the right keywords

4. Check your page titles. Do they make sense? Is your shop called something super clever? Hate to break it to you, but google doesn't get it.

5. Write a blog. Tedious I know, but so necessary. You need to be posting new, fresh content to your site at least weekly. 

It's time to beef up your website people. It's your first impression! 

Jordan Lacenski