The Prowl

Once a Quarter, we will be training for the hunt...together. We are a pack on the prowl. This is more than just sweating together, this is building your own pack, accountability, and confidence. 

2017's first "Prowl" will be at ilovekickboxing on Saturday, March 4th. We are beyond pumped to prowl with this crew. This is a special class for SheWolves only and they are offering us a sweet deal!  $10 includes this class plus 2 additional classes during their regularly scheduled times, AND your very own set of boxing gloves. 

Arrive promptly at 12:30 PM so we can get you and your gear and introduce you to the amazing instructors who are coming in on their off-time just for us. After we jab, cross, roundhouse and more for an hour, we will have a little decompress sesh for 30 minutes, ending the class at 2:30 PM. 

Class maxes out at 24 so REGISTER you and your gal pal ASAP (aka RSVP by Feb. 24th)

Jordan Lacenski