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Jordan's team at BrandBoss Creative was an absolute dream to work with. They have this knack for taking what's in your head and making it a reality without spending hours upon hours of you walking through it. They just get it. They do the research on who you are and what you do. They buy in, and they get it done. I love how they were able to describe Fike + Co for exactly what it was and articulate even better than I could in a million years! If you want help to create or expand your brand, BrandBoss is it!"

Anessa Fike, Owner, Fike + Co, Raleigh, NC + Washington DC


"In my mind and past experience, Jordan is a rare talent these days.  She can take a simple thought or idea and run with it completely but is also a great listener and willing to put her creative genius on detailed concepts presented to her.  Jordan has never missed a deadline and is one of the best teammates I have ever had the pleasure to work with… To say she had an impact on the team, brand, and community is an understatement.  In a very short amount of time, Jordan was the key driver of a new website, logo, brand identity as well as a substantial increase in our online presence across numerous social media outlets."

Dan Buckner, Owner, My Vacation Haven and Virtuous Management Group