Your brand is your first impression, and you have all of 10 seconds to communicate it to a potential consumer or client. That’s right - 10 seconds. I want you to stop reading right now and count out 10 seconds. Not a lot of time, right? Right. So, how in the world do you communicate the blood, sweat and tears of your brand in 10 seconds? That’s where we come in.



BrandBoss Creative provides compelling, original brand identity, strategy, design, marketing collateral, and art direction for visionary startups, industry leaders, and company change-makers.



As a new business you need to make a lot of noise to cut through all of the static - and the bar is only getting higher. It’s not enough to have an “innovative product” or “sleek packaging” - everyone has that. Your brand is about what everyone else doesn’t have.

So, how do we get down to the nuts and bolts of what makes your brand unique? Glad you asked.




We identify your goals, and then make recommendations for the project based on your brand’s needs and direction



We create a guide which lays out the details of your brand identity - from language and visuals to psychological impact



We give you the tools to share strategic messaging along your best-bet channels



We learn from the results after thorough analysis.


We’d be lying to you if we said this was easy.


But, if you are the type of business that isn't afraid of grit and is committed to building foundations that last, you aren’t looking for easy - you are looking at effective. And we can give you that.



meet the team

your new favorite people.


the boss


When Jordan Lacenski enters a room, you’ll know it. Her personality is magnetic, her energy palpable. Quick wit and a ready flash of smile will draw you into conversation, and before you know it, you’ll feel like you’re already “in the fold.”

Jordan is the “Boss” behind BrandBoss Creative, a brilliant strategist and motivator, and consummate entrepreneur. Her passion for building businesses through innovative branding and marketing is rooted in the desire to support her fellow entrepreneurs and find ways to change the world.



Jordan’s community-minded approach to branding and marketing was recognized by the Florida Public Relations Association of Northwest Florida in 2016, when they named her Communicator of the Year Not-For-Profit. She gives back. In 2017, Jordan organized a #GivingTuesday event in which she led a startup marketing collaborative in donating 24 hours of marketing strategy work to a Montana nonprofit.

As the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation from 2014-’16, she positioned the Foundation and its charity partners as regional influencers, maximizing PR reach within the community they serve. Jordan previously worked as Brand Manager for Beam Global in North Carolina, and Craft Brand Specialist with Caffey Distributing, Co. She helped launch new craft beer brands in the Triad of North Carolina, and forged relationships with regionally established brands like New Belgium Brewing Co., SweetWater Brewing Co, and Great Lakes Brewing Co. Jordan hold a Masters of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Marketing.



Jordan’s motivations come from her desire to dive headfirst into challenging projects. She loves the constant process of discovery and rediscovery – the common thread in every evolving brand. Fueled by morning coffee and a kickass playlist, Jordan’s energy and vision is contagious. She describes her relationship to digital marketing in terms of feeling and connection. “I love branding because of the potential it has to reach people. If done right, your brand can connect with the human heart, tell a story, humanize your business.”



A collaboration with Jordan Lacenski’s strategic marketing firm, BrandBoss Creative, gives business owners, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizers a secret weapon in their approach to connecting with clients. This is never a sit-back-and-enjoy-the-ride kind of partnership – Jordan expects her clients to take an active role in the process. She guides people through the steps of branding as it relates to their business journey – but there’s no fluffy, nebulous marketing jargon here. Her clients end up with a brand guideline kit in hand – elevator pitch, design guide, and marketing language all wrapped into one easy-to-understand document.


the designers


Meet Frank + Greg (pictured left to right). They are the Ying to Jordan's Yang. They are creative and technical, providing over 13 years of print and web experience providing graphic design services. There is no project that leaves them stumped. They take on billboards to apparel, to 3D promotional materials, to web, social, and animated artwork. They bring functional, emotive design to your story.

WHAT they do

Greg and Frank visually inspire people through meaningful design and create content that is memorable, thought provoking and motivating. Their purpose is to make clients look their absolute best and present others in a light that represents their business, their goals and future vision. They can take any project from inception to completion, while gathering the correct information they need to get the best results and meet the project deadline and budget.


Their past roles have been as lead designers and art directors with a touch of marketing and social media mixed in between. Having each been involved in the design sector for over 15 years, having a finger on the pulse of design and creativity has allowed them to make a difference locally and internationally. 

WHY they do IT

"My philosophy in any project is to inspire people into a reaction. Whether it be through the use of color or imagery, I want an emotional response to happen. I’ve always been a technophile and I’ve always loved art. Being able to marry technology and art is a passion of mine.

I started teaching myself graphic design before I even knew the field existed. I created my first website when I was in the fifth grade! I’ve also developed a keen eye for design and layout. Hobbies include video games, computer building, drawing and digital painting." - Greg

"My take on design is more “design follows function”. I like to think of myself as more ‘designer’ than ‘artist’ because even though my brain cranks out some ‘artsy’ visuals,  at the end of the project, it will always have its roots planted deep in functional reasons as to ‘why’ it turned out as such."  - Frank


Walking in the door with coffee and tunes is always first order of business. After that it’s smiles and gametime. Their goal is to demystify the creative process and get to know the client in a casual environment, setting them at ease and bringing the meeting down to a level where you walk away feeling like you’ve just sat down with some friends you’ve not seen in a while, but in the end, knowing your ROI is about to go up.


the socialite


Madison may not be the loudest person in the room but she will draw you in with her genuine and easy-going vibe. There is no façade. What you see is what you get with Madison. In every conversation you will find her laughing at her own jokes and talking about her dogs. She will make you feel like her best friend before you leave.

Madison is the “Socialite” at BrandBoss Creative.  She thrives under pressure. Her competitive nature, insatiable curiosity and creative mind drive her to create quality content that tells your story and builds relationships with your customers.


You could call Madison a Jill of all trades. She has a diverse résumé that makes her the well-rounded digital marketer she is. She learned the value of a relationship during her time studying Public Relations at the University of Oregon.  She then went on to work in advertising where she discovered her love for clean, beautiful design. Since then, she has helped brand and market a start-up home security product from idea to production and start her own company that sells apparel to female athletes in Jiu Jitsu.

At BrandBoss, Madison handles all things social media. Madison starts with strategy, and executes your message through social media channels. By developing paid and non-paid social media and content strategies, she generates client business growth and creates a customer service platform through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  She posts, manages engagement, creates artwork, manages ads, tests the times to post and content needed for your particular audience. 


Madison loves making a difference on a micro level. Building authentic and genuine relationships with her audience is what gets her out of bed each morning. Her desire to be the best at what she does can be seen when she competes in Jiu Jitsu. She is relentless in her pursuit of knowledge and a challenge. She is constantly immersed in her craft and loves applying what she learned today to her work.


Madison is a self-starter and a nose to the grindstone kind of girl. She will be direct in getting to the core of your brand and telling your story in a relatable way. She will work with you to create a social strategy that will effectively take your business to the next level. Tell Madison your goals and she will figure out the best way to help you reach them.



The real boss. "Though she be but little, she is fierce"



The office body guard, protecting with wags. 


If you can’t get enough of this dream team, meet your new marketing obsession.

SHEWOLF COLLABORATIVE:  Jordan’s groundbreaking team of experts in their respective fields. Perfect for the big projects that call for pulling out all the stops.




Jordan Lacenski knows the importance of a supportive, collaborative crew, one which brings together people of different talents and backgrounds and helps them discover their own strengths. After years of idealistic dreaming, she decided to create her own. Together with Laura Holloway, of The Storyteller Agency, Jordan formed SheWolf Collaborative, a groundbreaking marketing collective.

This group of brilliant women - creatives, strategists, designers, writers, and artists, each already a powerhouse in her own field - pools their talents to take on + crush marketing projects with increasingly greater scope and vision. With Jordan at the helm as pack Alpha, SheWolf Collaborative brings a wealth of expertise and creative talent to businesses in need of serious branding firepower and creative marketing solutions.

Check out the pack and their specialties.

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